Clean Up Your Act

There’s no better time to look after yourself than now. Take time to pamper and detoxify yourself from the toxins that were consumed last month. We have picked 3 easy tips that will put a spring in your step and beat the the winter blues.

bodyism's-ultimate-clean-formulaGive your juicing regime (if you have one) a boost with Bodyism’s Ultimate Clean formula. It is high in both soluble and insoluble fiber to boost the immune system and flush out toxins. Other properties are wild rosella – a powerful anti-oxidant which can help defuse free radicals, probiotic fermented rice bran which can; contribute to great gut health and keep your tummy trim £44.95

mios-skin-care-brushMio’s skin care brush is proven to exfoliate, stimulate circulation and detoxify, body brushing is an easy way to rejuvenate tired skin. Made from the sustainable bamboo, brush upwards from legs towards your torso and in the direction of your heart. Reduces, toxins bloating and cellulite £15

dr-jacksons-detox-teaUtilising the best from nature, this cleansing Dr Jackson’s detox tea is an organic blend of detoxifying plants, known to cleanse and purify – a perfect antidote to over-indulgence. Diuretic and detoxifying plants including Elderflowers, Aniseed and Spanish fruit. The powerful and healing natural properties of liquorice also give it a sweet taste and makes for refreshing hot beverage. £15

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